A one-off show for ESP - click the image for tickets.

A one-off show for ESP - click the image for tickets.

Thu 17th April 2014

Following last night’s show, Alex and I feel it’s worth clarifying a couple of things. Firstly, we feel honoured that people care so much about our group. It means the world to us that, after 13 years of making records and touring as The Electric Soft Parade, our songs still obviously mean so much to so many people. That’s a beautiful thing, and it’s why we make music. 

However, since around the time we wrapped up recording on IDIOTS, there’s been a strange feeling within the band. On the one hand we feel like we’re playing and writing better than ever, achieving things our younger selves could only have dreamt of, and with IDIOTS we genuinely feel like we’ve made the musical and artistic statement of our career - songs, production, singing, writing, playing, lyrics, arrangements. Yet there’s a feeling of not knowing quite where to go next when you’ve just nailed what you’ve been trying to achieve for so many years. 

As with many bands, our name has come to represent a very narrow fraction of what Alex and I want to explore musically, and has certainly become a chain around our neck in terms of us exploring new forms. It’s a conundrum, and perhaps the most crucial factor in IDIOTS’ genesis was the moment we accepted that people expect a very specific thing from us, and that to get to the place where we could make the record of our lives we would maybe have to reconnect with what made us great in the first place instead of playing a constant game of tug-of-war with perception and reality. And yet we persevered, and IDIOTS now stands as a culmination of all those conversations, musical and otherwise - every aspect and facet of the group we ever wanted to express, succinctly distilled into a neat 40 minute pop record. As ESP, I doubt we could ever make a better record. In another lifetime, perhaps. 

We always tried to be as honest as possible to the people that cared about our group, so it seems right to be as transparent as possible about our current situation. The reality is that we are moving on. My new project has taken a year or so to evolve into something tangible, but it’s taking shape now, and I’m massively excited about it. Alex, on the other hand, has just written and recorded the album of his life. He had minimal writing input on IDIOTS, mainly due to the fact that he just wasn’t writing all that much around that time, also down to the fact that that had become our dynamic in ESP, and that’s a hard thing to shake. Right now we’re into the final mixing stage, and it’s genuinely the best material he’s ever written - honest, beautiful songs written in memory of our mother. It doesn’t get more heart-wrenching than that, but it’s been a therapeutic process for both of us, and now we’re hearing the album come together I can honestly say it’s just blowing me away. Potent stuff. The irony is we’re now working together more than ever, and fucking loving it. I’ll certainly be giving Al a bell when I need a drummer.

So, what next for The Electric Soft Parade? There’s a possibility of a few more shows dotted throughout the year, and we’ll confirm and announce them as and when. Beyond that, who knows? We’ve had a ball writing and playing these songs for you, it’s been a fucking hell of a journey, and we’ve loved and hated it in almost precisely equal measure. But right now it feels like we both need to spread our wings and fuck off and do something else for a while.
With all our hearts, thank you to anyone who ever supported our music in any way. We couldn’t have done it without you and we love you all.


New gig dates
Tue 12th November 2013

Friday 6 December - The Unitarian Church, Brighton **
Saturday 7 December - The Square, Harlow
Sunday 8 December - Eiger Music Studios, Leeds 
Monday 9 December - The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool
Tuesday 10 December - Buffalo Bar, Cardiff
Wednesday 11th December - Zephyr Lounge, Leamington Spa
Thursday 12th December - Thunderbolt, Bristol

Tickets now available 

**Brighton show is a special & exclusive acoustic show 

New single & video!
Mon 14th October 2013

Watch The Electric Soft Parade’s new video for ‘The Sun Never Sets Around Here’ on Youtube here or listen to it on soundcloud here

The UK tour starts in just over a week:

23rd October - Bush Hall, London - TICKETS
24th October - Sound Control, Manchester - TICKETS
25th October - Arden Road Social Club, Halifax - TICKETS
26th October - King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow - TICKETS

Wed 4th September 2013

The Electric Soft Parade are heading out on tour across the UK later this year. Below are the current tour dates lined up:

23rd October - Bush Hall, London - TICKETS

24th October - Sound Control, Manchester - TICKETS

25th October - Arden Road Social Club, Halifax - TICKETS

26th October - King Tuts Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow - TICKETS

Free download and video - 1969
Fri 9th August 2013

Previously unreleased track,1969 is now exclusively available as a free download by clicking here
Recorded during the IDIOTS sessions, 1969 features back-up vocals from Pure Conjecture frontman and long-time influence on the White brothers, Matt Eaton.

Fri 21st June 2013

If you missed out on our live session with Marc Riley you can catch up with it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b02xb1tm.

Thu 20th June 2013

Our album “IDIOTS” was chosen as yesterday’s Album of the Day on 6 Music and tonight the band will be live in session on the Marc Riley show. To be broadcast around 7pm.